What To Look For In A Holistic Obstetrics Physician

An increasing number of women are moving toward a more natural lifestyle. This includes going with physicians that are holistic or who promote herbal and natural remedies. If you fall into the natural living category, you may want to ensure that your obstetrics physician is on the same page as you when it comes to your feminine and reproductive health. If you have issues finding a doctor to fit the bill, consider the following things to look for in a holistic obstetrics physician.

Dual Degrees

One of the first mistakes that many people make when they look for a holistic physician is to look only at the natural healing training. Though the natural education and healing is important, you also want to ensure that the physician has the traditional medical background as well. The dual degrees in traditional medicine and natural medicine means that not only does your OBGYN understand the various options for your needs, they know what to do if those options don't work and you need to move to conventional treatments.

Medication Recommendations

One way to find the right holistic obstetrics physician for you is to have a consultation and discuss medication options. This will give you a good idea of the views your physician has on pain treatment, treatment during pregnancy, and treatment following pregnancy. This is also the ideal time to ask about specific issues such as treatments for cramps or insomnia during pregnancy. If you mention a holistic option and the physician doesn't seem to know what you are referring to or moves straight to a prescription option, you know this isn't the doctor you are looking for.

Testing Knowledge

There are certain tests, regardless of how natural you want to live your life, that will be necessary. For example, if you are pregnant you will need to have certain testing done to ensure that you are not developing diabetes and that iron levels are where they should be throughout the pregnancy.  Most of these tests are simple blood tests or require you to drink a sugar based mixture to test your insulin levels. If your doctor tries to avoid the tests and move straight to a natural treatment, then look for another doctor.

Remember that you ideally want a obstetric physician who will go a natural route first but not overlook traditional medicine if necessary.  Keep in mind that the United States does not regulate or require certification in holistic or herbal medicine. This is why a consultation and open discussion is important to ensure you are choosing the right physician for you. Talk to people like Triad OB-GYN PC for more information.