Stay-At-Home Moms Of Toddlers: Tips For Recovering From Foot Surgery

Stay-at-home moms of toddlers have busy hectic lives, and they may not feel like they even have time to recover from foot surgery. If you have recently had foot surgery, you need to listen to your doctors orders and take it easy. To manage that as a stay-at-home mom with a toddler in the house, check out these tips:

1. Replace crutches with hands-free mobility options

After a foot surgery, it is critical to keep your weight off your foot. Crutches are the most inexpensive way to accomplish this, but they tie up your hands, making it hard to cook or reach out a hand to the little ones.

Instead of crutches, consider using a scooter – it will give you more speed and better use of your arms. Alternatively, there are crutches that strap to your leg, leaving your hands free.

2. Bring the stroller inside

Even with free hands, you may be too tired to lift a baby or carry a toddler around the house. Many people find basic care takes up most of their energy after a foot surgery – so if you feel quickly exhausted with a toddler, don't be hard on yourself.

However, with a stroller inside, you can cart your baby around the main floor without straining yourself.

3. Secure the area

Steps will be difficult after a foot surgery, so secure the area and keep your toddler away from them too. While you are home alone all day with your babies, move everything onto the main floor, and let your children play and nap in the living room for the weeks while you recover.

4. Relax the rules

The change in routine may be upsetting to your child, and for those days on which he or she is refusing to nap on the couch, relax your rules. Let your child have a bit of extra screentime or whatever treat distracts him or her. It will give you a much-needed break as well.

5. Don't bathe the baby

Relax the rules on nighttime baths as well or have your partner handle that part of the routine. After a foot surgery, you should not get your cast wet, and you don't need to risk the splashes of a bathing toddler.

6. Invite the fun to you

Getting out of the house may be impossible while you are recovering so invite to fun to your place. Have your friends come over with pot roasts and amusing stories to feed and distract you and your toddler as you recover.