How To Fix Your Small Teeth With Veneers

When you smile, you feel like nobody can even see your teeth. If your adult teeth seem more childlike and tiny and you want a bigger, more noticeable smile, veneers may work well for you. Discover how you can transform the shape of your teeth into a smile you can really love.

Why You Have Small Teeth

Small permanent teeth that don't develop all the way is a common condition called anodontia. The condition is most common in people who were born as premature babies, but the dental condition can be hereditary as well. If you have other family members who also have very small adult teeth, then this may likely be the case. The condition is relatively harmless, but it can cause a lot of issues with self-esteem in people who want a more 'normal' looking smile.

What Are Veneers?

A cosmetic dentist can make your teeth larger and more noticeable using veneers. Traditional veneers are porcelain caps that are placed over small, uneven, or cracked teeth to give them a more aesthetic, even, and beautiful appeal. If one or more of your teeth have come in very small, you may need many veneers in order to repair your grin to one you can appreciate.

How the Procedure Works

Your cosmetic dentist will first take X-rays to check the root structure on your small teeth. Your roots should be permanent in order to handle the process of getting veneers placed on. In rare cases, a small, undersized adult tooth is accompanied by a juvenile root structure as well, which may require additional support in order to successfully apply veneers.

Once your cosmetic dentist deems you OK for veneers, they shave your affected teeth down to sharp, small nubs. You are numbed through this lengthy process, so you should feel little to no discomfort. Your teeth are worn down so they can give something for the veneers to adhere to. Once the veneers are applied, they are shaped to suit the size of your mouth and the structure of your face so they look as natural as possible. A light is then used to help them 'set'.

How Much Do Veneers Cost?

Veneers are not cheap, and can cost upwards of $500 per treated tooth. Depending on the cosmetic dentist you see, the cost may be more if you are getting your entire mouth done. The cost may be well worth it to you to have a smile you can feel proud about, and the results can last a lifetime when done by professional care.

Getting veneers for your tiny teeth can help you feel confident in your smile. Talk to a cosmetic dentist to see if this type of procedure is a viable option for you. To learn more about cosmetic dentistry, visit David Jackson, DDS