3 Things Every Parent Should Know About Compounding Pharmaceuticals

It is no big secret that pharmacists spend years studying various forms of medicine and how they interact with the human body. While most people are familiar with the work of a pharmacist's they are in the dark when it comes to compounded pharmaceuticals. As a parent, learning more about a compounding pharmacy and what they have to offer will be one of the most helpful things you could do. There are at least three reasons why you will want to have a better understanding of compounded medicine when you have children. 

You Have Likely Had Experience with Compounded Medications

As a parent, it is only natural that you will be a little apprehensive when it comes to care for your child that you are unfamiliar with. However, it is highly likely that you have had personal experience with a compounding pharmacy without even knowing it. If you have ever had a doctor recommend a combination prescription or a certain thing you could only get from one pharmacist, you have more than likely already had personal interactions with compounded medicine. 

Compounding Pharmacies Are Especially Useful for Picky Children 

Children sometimes hate the medications they are prescribed by the doctor more than they do the actual visit. Children are especially sensitive to gagging when things taste bad or are difficult to swallow. Therefore, making their medications more palatable is definitely important. Compounding pharmacies can do all kinds of creative things with medicine. They can add flavoring, grind large pills and place the medication in tiny, easy-to-swallow capsules, and even create gummy forms of some medications. 

Compounded Medications Work Well for Children with Special Needs

Children with some medical conditions can have their symptoms triggered by the ingredients in certain medications. For example, if your child is autistic, they may have reactions to soy or sugar, which is a common additive to make children's medication more appealing. A compounding pharmacy can work with you to ensure the medications you get will not only be easy to give, but will not contain ingredients that could cause problems. This is achieved by creating specifically formulated medicines that have harmful ingredients removed.  

The bottom line is, when you have children, giving them medications will always be a major concern and it may not be the easiest feat. By learning about what compounding pharmacies, like Camelback Pharmacy, have to offer and what they can actually do, you may have an easier time with your child when it comes to handling their health.