Runner’s Guide For Exercises For Sore Ankles

Being a dedicated runner is a catch-22—you want to use your feet, yet doing so excessively can damage them. Fortunately, there are ways to heal and strengthen your ankle when they are sore if you follow these tips.

Types of Injuries

  1. Fractures: When you put too much stress on your feet and your bones can't absorb any more shocks, they can crack. 
  2. Tendinitis: Running for too long and in one direction can lead to tendons inflaming. You may feel pain on all sides of the ankle since this is where your tendons are.
  3. Strain/Sprain: Your tendon or muscle may have stretched too far or have been torn if you have a strain. As for a sprain, you may have overstretched or torn a ligament. 

Strengthening Exercises

Certain stretching exercises can help all three categories of injuries in healing, recovering, and being better than ever. After sufficient rest and appropriate treatment from a clinic like Advance Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation, you can try these approaches:

  1. Calf Raises: Slowly put your weight on one leg or two simultaneously multiple times. Consider putting weights on your ankles to increase resistance and strength. For variation, consider lunging forward while keeping your back heel down so your calf can get a good stretch.
  2. Ankle Circles: Take a seat or lie down for ankle circles. Roll your ankle one way a few times and then go the opposite way. Another tip is to spell out the alphabet with your toes for more variety of directions.
  3. Resistance Band: Get out your resistance band and sit down. Fasten one end of the band to a stationary object and attach the other end to your ankle. Straighten out your leg and then perform extending, flexing, and other movements.
  4. Sideways Foot Walk: Stand up and tilt your feet so the weight is on the outside part of your feet and then walk around. Next, span your legs so you stand shoulders' length apart. Now shift your weight to the inside part of your feet and take a walk once more.
  5. Foot Kneeling: Get in a normal kneeling position in which you sit on your feet. Lift your knees and use the ends of your feet to support you. Do this for about a minute.

Just because you're a runner doesn't mean you have to suffer for your sport. Use these exercises before and after a run to prevent injuries as well as to get back into step.