Abortion Arguments

Having a baby is a big commitment and should be known as such. Should you get pregnant, abortion is an option if you don't feel ready for a baby. There are of course those who believe otherwise. Read on to hear both sides of the argument.

Pro-Life (against abortion)

Most of the pro-life arguments are centered around the immorality of taking a human life. Those who are against abortion believe that from the moment of conception there is a human life within the womb. Now that there is life there, it would be immoral to kill it by aborting.

Many regions also condemn using abortion as a method of birth control. This is because many religions believe that intercourse is only for procreation purposes, so if you get rid of the child that you were having intercourse to conceive, you have effectively defeated the purpose. Not only this, but once the child is conceived, they are a child of God, and killing a child of God is a sin.

Finally, some people have the belief that all babies have potential, and there is the "what-if" question. What if this was the child that would find the cure for cancer? What if the child that was aborted would have been the next Stephen Hawking?

Pro-Choice (for abortion)

Pro-choice advocates argue that at the point in time where a fetus can be considered for abortion, it is not yet a person. Because it is not yet a person, there can be no immorality around removing it. Some people will even go so far as to describe the fetus as a parasite, as it uses the mothers resources to keep itself alive. If it is not a safe idea, then why should the mother put herself in danger?

Another reason cited for the pro-choice advocates is that some women did not have a choice about getting pregnant, like in the case of rape. In such a case, a child resulting from that situation could be a constant reminder of the rape. That is no way for a child to come into the world.

Finally, people for abortion argue that every child that comes into the world should be cared for and loved. Unfortunately that is not always the case, especially if the parents do not have the appropriate funds or financial situation to be able to raise a child. So, if the parents feel that they will not be able to properly raise a child, they should have the option of not having that child.

Of course, it is your choice what you choose to do. If you have any questions on either side, contact your local OBGY or a clinic like Abortion Care.