About Medicare & Getting A Supplemental Plan

Do you not have any medical insurance and need it because your health seems to be getting worse? You might qualify for Medicare, which might also allow you to apply for more benefits through a Medicare supplemental plan. This article will give you more details about Medicare and getting the fullest extent of benefits that you possibly can by opting for a supplemental plan as well.

What Are a Few Things That Make Someone Eligible for Medicare?

You must be at least 65 or older to get approved for Medicare benefits and be a US citizen or permanent resident for five or more years. However, it is still possible to get the benefits if you are younger as long as you meet certain criteria. For instance, you might qualify at a younger age if you have been approved for social security disability benefits for two years or more. Certain health conditions like permanent kidney failure and Lou Gehrig's disease might make you eligible for Medicare at a younger age as well. You must also have been working your job long enough to qualify for social security benefits, but you can still get approved if you have not been working as long as you have a spouse who meets the criteria.

What is a Supplemental Medicare Plan?

A supplemental Medicare plan will offer you more financial help along with what is paid on your behalf through the original Medicare plan. You can only get supplemental Medicare if you are enrolled in Part A and B through the original plan. Basically, Part A covers things related to your medical care like hospital and nursing needs, while Plan B covers preventative medical needs. A supplemental plan can provide financial help for things such as deductibles, coinsurance and pints of blood. You can also keep getting benefits for a while after the benefits from your original Medicare plan have been exhausted.

Does it Cost Any Money to Get a Supplemental Medicare Plan?

You will have to pay an insurance company if you want a Medicare supplemental plan. Just make sure that the insurance company is licensed to sell you a plan if you want to make sure you are able to take advantage of the benefits. The price that you will have to pay will vary based on your age and the type of plan that you want. Speak to an insurance professional like Senior Care Insurance Services about supplemental plans as soon as you get Medicare.