Helpful Information About Cracked Teeth

Have you been experiencing pain in a few of your molar teeth? Although cavities could be the root of the problem, it is also possible that the enamel is cracked in areas that you have not noticed. The article below will give you more insight about cracked teeth so you will know what to expect from your dental care.

What Causes Cracked Teeth to Be Painful?

Basically, the pain from cracked teeth can happen for several reasons depending on how severe the problem is. If the crack hasn't made it down to the root area of a tooth, you might only experience pain when you are eating hot or cold foods. However, cracks that are down to the root of your teeth can lead to the pulp area becoming inflamed. Once the nerves in the pulp area are exposed, you can begin to experience an excessive amount of pain that is unbearable. Infected pulp can lead to your teeth hurting without eating or drinking anything, and they will hurt until the nerves die if you don't get the problem treated fast enough.

How Does a Dentist Treat Cracked Teeth?

The length of the crack in a tooth is what determines how a dentist will go about treating it. For instance, if the crack is not in the root area, a dentist will be able to treat it by performing a root canal to treat the pulp area. He or she will then be able to preserve the enamel of the tooth by placing a dental crown on it. A cracked tooth that has been damaged down to the root area will usually have to be extracted.  Leaving a tooth present with a cracked root can lead to the crack getting deeper and bacteria getting inside of it that will eventually damage your jawbone.

How Long Does a Dental Crown Preserve a Cracked Tooth?

It is possible that the cracks in teeth that are repaired with dental crowns will continue to get bigger. A dental crown will be able to delay the cracking, but the length of time that a crown will preserve the enamel will vary between each person due to the cracks being different sizes. However, you should get a lot of use out of your teeth before needing further treatment after the cracks are repaired. Make a dental appointment to find out how severely your teeth are cracked.