5 Tips To Prevent Back Pain In Children

While back pain is more common in adults, children can also experience it. Common causes of back in kids include poor posture, obesity, heavy backpacks and competitive sports. There are also certain medical conditions, such as scoliosis and sciatica, that can result in back pain. Making a few lifestyle changes can help relieve your child's discomfort. Here are five helpful tips to prevent back pain in children:

Pack Your Child's Backpack Correctly

If your child's backpack is too heavy and packed with too many items, it could put a lot of pressure on his back. That is why you should pack as few items as possible in your child's backpack. If your child seems like he is struggling with the backpack, remove some of the items. Also, tell your child to never carry the backpack over one shoulder, as it can cause back injuries.

Encourage Good Posture

Many children sit slouched down in their chairs and do not realize what it can do to their backs. Teach your child to always sit up straight in his chair with his shoulders back. Explain that proper posture can prevent back pain.

Limit Television and Computer Time

Sitting in front of the television and computer for several hours a day can put strain on the back, so you should limit your child's technology time. Instead of allowing your child to watch hours of television after school, have him play outdoors with his friends. Exercise will keep your child in good shape and stretch out his back muscles.

Keep Healthy Foods in the Kitchen

Obesity can increase the risk of back pain in children, so it is essential to keep nutritious foods in your kitchen. Instead of packing your cupboards with junk food, buy wholesome foods, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish and whole grain bread. Eating a healthy diet will help your child maintain a healthy weight and back.

See a Chiropractor

If your child's back pain does not improve, consider making an appointment with a reputable chiropractor, such as those at Exelbert Chiropractic. This health professional can examine your child's back and figure out the best solution. If your child seems nervous about seeing a chiropractor, explain that this person can help him feel better.

Seeing your child deal with back pain can be very difficult, but it does not have to last forever. If you follow these helpful tips, you can relieve your child's pain and discomfort.