Chalazions: An Introduction For Worried Sufferers

A knot on your eyelid seems to show up out of nowhere, may be slightly sore at first, and you keep expecting it to go away. After some time, the knot is still there and the pain is probably gone, so it sounds like you are dealing with a common optical issue known in the medical community as a chalazion. Even though chalazions are quite common and not really a major problem, they can be enough to cause you a little concern if you have never had the issue before. Here are a few of the most common questions you probably have about eye chalazions.

So, what is a chalazion exactly?

A chalazion is formed when you have a blocked oil gland either in the skin of your eyelid or at the small openings around your lashes. Over time, because natural oils cannot secrete as they normally would, the oil collects into a bump. If the bump is not immediately noticed, it will either continue to grow in size or become encapsulated, which means the cells in the area wall off the excess oil secretions that are trapped.

Should you try to pop the bump with a needle?

It is not advised to try to bust the chalazion with a needle or by squeezing because doing so could damage the soft skin and tissue on your eyelid. Additionally, a chalazion is not a pus-filled lump; it is instead filled with hardened matter that will likely not come out through a small hole.

Are there home remedies to reduce the chalazion without going to the eye doctor?

There are a few home remedies that you can try to lessen the size of the chalazion. However, you should know that these remedies are not always effective, especially if the chalazion has been around for a while. A few home remedies you can try include the following:

  • Holding hot compresses or tea bags on the affected area several times a day and then gently massaging the area

  • Applying moistened guava leaves to the area, as the guava leave acts as an antiinflammatory and may help with swelling

  • Dabbing apple cider vinegar onto the affected area a few times daily, which could help reduce the size of the chalazion

What will the eye doctor do about the chalazion?

The initial treatment for a chalazion on your eyelid will likely be instructions from your eye doctor to try warm compresses daily and possibly a round of antibiotics. If this treatment is not effective, surgery may be recommended to remove the chalazion. Chalazion removal surgery is usually performed in the office and only requires local anesthesia. For more information, talk to a professional like Blue Ridge Ophthalmology.