Reduce Your Risk Of Back Pain When Seated On An Uncomfortable Chair

While it's ideal to use comfortable chairs as much as possible for the health of your back, you might occasionally find yourself seated on a chair that isn't very comfortable. A basic wooden chair, for example, which is something that is common in a dining room set, can create problems with your posture and eventually lead to back discomfort. If finding an alternative place to sit isn't possible, it's possible to use a few specific tactics — and some props — to lessen the risk of the chair harming your back. Here are some steps that you can take.

Place A Pillow Behind You

One of the problems of an uncomfortable wooden chair is that it doesn't often support your lower back. This can lead to slouching and eventual back pain. You can, however, quickly remedy this issue with the addition of a pillow. Grab a pillow off the couch and place it at the base of the chair's upright part, and then sit down to test how things feel. Ideally, the pillow will push gently into your lower back to keep your spine's curve in the correct position but not push you too far forward. In some cases, you may need to try different pillows until you find the right one.

Put Something Beneath Your Feet

In many cases, placing a small stool or box beneath your feet can reduce your risk of developing back pain as a result of sitting on the uncomfortable chair. The weight of your feet and legs can put a pulling type of pressure on your low back; if you already have some degree of pain in this region, you may feel it getting worse when you sit on this uncomfortable chair. This can especially be the case for people who are shorter and whose feet don't sit flat on the ground while they're seated.

Find A Chair With Armrests

Many wooden chair sets, even if they're uncomfortable and basic, will have one or more chairs with armrests; these are typically placed at the ends of the table. If you can manage to get one of these chairs, it can be beneficial for your back. The presence of the armrests allows you to relax your shoulders which, in turn, also allows your upper back to relax. Without armrests, your upper back can be slightly tensed throughout the entire meal, which can lead to eventual pain in the area.

If you have chronic back pain, consider contacting a clinic like Southwest Florida Neurosurgical Associates for information about your options for treatment.