2 Things to Do Before Your Baby Is Born

When you are pregnant, there are a lot of things that you need to do in order to get ready for your baby. As it comes closer to time for your baby to be born, there will be more things that you need to do so that you ready for when your baby is born. Doing that will help make sure that everything is ready to go when your baby is born. 

Find a Pediatrician

You may not think that you have to find a pediatrician before your baby is born, but the time to start looking is while you are still pregnant. That's because you need to make sure that the doctor that you want to work with has an empty space for your new child. Another reason to have a pediatrician in place before you have your child is that they can come to the hospital and check out your child after you have given birth. This is especially true if your prenatal testing has shown that your child may have special needs such as Down Syndrome or spina bifida. In those cases, the pediatrician, perhaps one from Ada Pediatrics PA, may even want to be there when the baby is delivered so that they can start any medical interventions as soon as possible. For example, a child with spina bifida may need to have surgery as soon as possible in order to place a shunt in order to drain any extra water from the brain. 

Take Parenting Classes

You may think that you don't really need parenting classes, especially if you have plenty of experience with babysitting or have several siblings. The fact is that everyone can benefit from parenting classes, whether you're having your first kid or your third. Parenting classes can help you learn new ways of handling discipline, new theories on when you should feed your child different kinds of solids, and ways to help yourself with first-time parent jitters. First-time parents can really benefit from taking some parenting classes ahead of time just to learn the various developmental stages that their new baby is going to go through when they are born and the stages the baby will start going through as they move out of the newborn stage.

Having a child can be a great experience. Making sure that you have as many things possible set up before you go into labor can really help you after the child is born. You don't want to have to run around trying to get everything set up when you should be resting and bonding.