Stop Sickness At The Door: How To Avoid Food Poisoning At Your Summer Barbecues And Picnics

With all the summer picnics and barbecues you'll be going to this summer, it's crucial that you do what you can to avoid food poisoning. Food poisoning can cause serious health-related problems, and can even land you in the hospital. Here are four important steps you should follow to reduce your risk of food poisoning this summer.

Wash Vegetables Before Packing Up for the Barbecue

If you're going to be providing fresh vegetables for you picnics or barbecues, it's important that you wash everything thoroughly before you pack it up for transport. You might think that it's safe to wait until you get to the picnic site to wash your produce, but that's not actually true. After all, you never know if there will be water available. Not only that, but even if water is available, it might not be sanitary enough to wash your produce in it. It's better to err on the side of safety by washing your produce before you head to the picnic or barbecue.

Bring a Cooler Along

If you're going to be preparing fresh meat for your barbecue, or you're going to be serving foods with mayonnaise or eggs, it's crucial that you bring a large cooler with you. Once certain foods get warm, the threat of food poisoning increases. This includes raw meats, and foods containing eggs, milk, or mayonnaise. It's also important that you keep your condiments and cheeses in the cooler.

Don't Take Shortcuts with the Cooking

When it comes to protecting against food poisoning, it's important that you avoid taking shortcuts during the cooking process. It's not unusual for people to get hungry while they're waiting for the food to get cooked. Unfortunately, that often results in food that doesn't get cooked all the way through, which can lead to food poisoning. To avoid that risk, insist on using a food thermometer to ensure that all meat reaches the required temperature before serving.

Keep Your Foods Separated

When it comes to avoiding food poisoning during your summer barbecues, it's crucial that you keep your foods separated. Cross-contamination can increase the risks associated with food poisoning. To keep your foods properly protected, you should separate your raw and cooked foods, as well as separating your meat varieties – beef, chicken, and pork.

Don't invite food poisoning to your summer barbecues and picnics. Use the tips provided here to ensure happy, healthy eating this summer. If you do suspect that you have developed food poisoning, be sure to contact your family doctor as soon as possible.