3 Odd Questions About Using Cremation

Has a loved one settled on the idea of using cremation to take care of their body after they pass away? If so, they may not know much about the process of how it all works and just know that is it more affordable than a traditional burial. However, you might have some odd questions about the cremation process that you can't seem to find the answer to.

Will A Casket Be Necessary?

The necessity of a casket is not a simple question, since there are a couple factors that play into your needs for a funeral. If you plan on having a viewing of the body at a funeral home, then you will definitely need a casket for it. The viewing may even tempt you to use a nicer casket, even if it is for a short while. You can actually rent a casket for the viewing, since you will not be using the casket for your loved one's burial.

The cremation process itself requires a casket, but not a fancy one. There are caskets made specifically for cremation, which are designed to be combustible and sturdy. It's actually common for these caskets to be made out of cardboard, but you can actually use any casket for cremation. The only restriction is that the casket can't have metal parts that will be difficult to melt.

Is The Body Clothed During Cremation?

It is not necessary for the body to be clothed prior to being cremated. If you're scheduling a viewing of the body, it is common for people to leave the body dressed in their final outfit prior to having it cremated. The same restrictions on the casket will also apply to the clothing, so anything that is metal needs to be removed from the clothing. This includes any zippers, belt buckles, or buttons.

It is up to you how you want the body dressed in the coffin before it is cremated, and you can even have the body not be clothed if you wish. The choice is up to you.

Can The Cremation Be Watched?

Check with your funeral home to find out if they have a viewing area for cremations. If you are able to participate in a viewing, realize that the cremation process may take a long time. Decide beforehand if you want to stay for the entire process, or just have a ceremony for the start of the cremation process. If you do not stay until the very end, that is perfectly fine, and the funeral home will work with you.  You will receive the ashes within a day in most cases.

For more information about cremation, contact a local funeral home.