How Therapy Helps a Family After a Medically-Necessary Abortion

Your family was expecting a new baby in the next couple of months, and your children were excited to have a new sibling. Unfortunately, a medically-necessary abortion is threatening to tear your family apart. Thankfully, therapy can help overcome the difficult emotions of this situation. 

When Abortion is Necessary

Medical abortions occur when the life of the mother is at risk, and the only way to save her is through the termination of the pregnancy. For example, various diseases and pregnancy difficulties make it sometimes necessary to abort the fetus early or even relatively late in its development.

This situation will be devastating to the mother and can cause multiple emotional difficulties that will likely require therapy to overcome. Even worse, a mother who has already had children may struggle to tell her young ones about this situation and could experience real issues with her family development.

Why Abortion Affects a Family

Children anticipating a new family member often experience devastation when a medically-necessary abortion occurs. These feelings can vary in intensity and focus. For example, some children may blame the mother for this situation, even if unconsciously, and resent her for the loss of their sibling.

Other children will simply fall into a mourning mode and lament the fact that they'll never get to know their sibling. These difficult emotions require a focused and effective treatment method to overcome. Thankfully, family counseling and therapy can provide the necessary care to help a family regain their strength in the face of adversity.

How Family Counseling Helps

High-quality family counseling and therapy provide a grieving family with the chance to fully understand the impact that the abortion had on their lives. For example, the children can learn just how devastated their mother was to perform the abortion and grasp the difficulties she is experiencing.

Just as importantly, the mother can fully understand the emotions that her children feel and can work to better support their needs. For example, many family counseling sessions break down patterns of behavior – such as specific negative communication methods – and lets parents and children better understand how these develop and what they can do to stop them.

So if you just experienced a medically-necessary abortion and are suffering from emotional pain with your children, please make sure to contact a family therapy specialist right away. This step could just save you and your children devastating emotional pain.