Medical Spas: All About

Have you heard people use the term "medical spa" but weren't really sure what they meant by this phrase? Well, this article is going to help you learn more about medical spas and what they do for their patients. Here is a closer look at these interesting and innovative healthcare facilities.


A medical spa is similar to a day spa in that it offers many of the same treatments you find at the typical day spa. The key difference is that a medical spa operates under the supervision of a licensed physician and offers its patients, in addition to the same treatments found at day spas, a limited number of medical procedures. Every state has its own regulations regarding medical spas and the exact types of procedures offered at any medical spa may be limited by state law.

Skin Care

The primary focus of medical spas is skin care, which means that the doctors in charge of these facilities are typically dermatologists or plastic surgeons. This focus on improving a patient's skin is no different from a traditional spa, but they also provide certain procedures that would otherwise be done in a doctor's office or healthcare clinic.

For instance, botox injections and medical microdermabrasion, as well as laser treatments and chemical peels are commonly offered at most medical spas. Various medical treatments to reduce any scarring on a patient's skin and deal with skin issues such as acne breakouts and hyperpigmentation are also generally available.

Who Will Perform My Procedure?

The answer to this important question depends on the specific procedure or treatment you are having done. If you are just having a traditional non-medical procedure performed, then the treatment will by done by a trained technician, or skin-care therapist, just as it would be at a day spa.

If you are having a non-invasive medical procedure done, such as a light chemical peel, this might also be done by a skin car therapist under the doctor's supervision, depending on the medical spa's specific policies. All invasive medical procedures, such as laser treatments and deep chemical peels, are done by a physician.

The advantage of a medical spa is that you are able to get the skin-care help you need in a comfortable and relaxing setting. Many patients naturally find this type of environment more pleasant than the rather clinical setting of a doctor's office or healthcare facility. To find out more about medical spas, contact on in your town.