Physical Therapy Treatments For Foot Problems

Having foot problems can be painful and frustrating, especially if they're limiting your mobility. If the pain has gotten really bad, it may be time to utilize physical therapy. Here you can gain access to the following treatments.

Laser Therapy

Physical therapy has advanced a lot in terms of the equipment and technology it relies on. Now, physical therapists can use laser therapy for a lot of foot problems. You can calm your nerves because it's completely non-invasive. You won't have to go under the knife and worry about a difficult recovery. 

What will happen is the area in pain will receive high concentrations of light, which can alleviate pain and even promote healing in the areas that are sore. If you go in for multiple treatments, laser therapy may be enough to restore soft tissue and repair damaged cells. 

Anti-Gravity Treadmill

When dealing with any sort of pain in the feet, it's important to avoid putting too much weight on these areas. You still probably want to be active because it fosters healing and improves morale. In this case, you can use physical therapy and gain access to anti-gravity treadmills. They're unique because they prevent you from putting too much weight on healing tissues.

Your lower body will be locked in an airtight chamber, which simulates what it's like for there to be the absence of gravity. Ultimately, this allows you to walk in a less harsh way and get your tissues healing at a much faster rate.

Tried and True Foot Exercises

Sometimes for foot pain, not a lot of advanced equipment is needed. Simple foot exercises may do the trick. Learning how to complete them correctly is easy when you head to a physical therapy clinic and work with a therapist.

Some of the more standard exercises for foot pain include calf stretches, plantar fascia stretch, and arch pump ups. If you're truly dedicated to these exercises and perform them exactly how your physical therapist wants them to be performed, you can make an effective recovery. You'll also learn how to do these exercises at home when the pain starts acting up again.

Foot pain is one of the more common medical problems, especially for those that spend a lot of time on their feet. If your pain is pretty bad, physical therapy is always an option. It gives you access to proven treatments that you can feel confident in.