Having Hearing Aid Problems? Check Out Common Issues And Their Usual Causes

When you have issues with your hearing, obtaining a hearing aid can be a life-changing thing that gives you back a certain quality of life. However, if you start having problems with your hearing devices once you have grown accustomed to having hearing assistance, the situation can be disheartening for sure. Thankfully, most problems with hearing aids have easily diagnosable causes, and a hearing aid service would be happy to help. Here is a look at just a few of the common hearing aid issues and why you may need a service professional to help you out. 

Problem: Your hearing aid batteries are draining too quickly

Battery issues are easily one of the most common complaints a user will have when they visit a service center for help with their hearing aids. While buying new batteries is easy enough, having to constantly switch them out just to get through the day should not be happening.

In most cases, battery issues such as this will be caused by the device utilizing more energy than necessary. While high energy usage sounds like a major problem, most service professionals can tackle this issue and have your hearing aid fixed in just a few minutes. 

Problem: Your hearing aids are not amplifying sound as they did when you first got them 

Most often, hearing aids that are no longer amplifying sound the same will need professional repairs. What you can do is make sure the microphone and small parts are not crowded with either ear wax or debris. If you don't see any issues and have cleaned your aids carefully, the microphone may be starting to fail. 

Problem: You get consistent feedback noise from your hearing aids

Some feedback is normal with your hearing aid. For example, if something brushes against your ear or you put the device in your ear after you have turned it on, the hearing aid may make some unpleasant noises. However, you should never get so much feedback from your hearing aids that they are either uncomfortable or making it impossible for you to actually hear.

Feedback happens when the microphone of the hearing aid picks up and amplifies the amplified sound being sent into your ear. If you have consistent issues, your hearing aid's microphone may be malfunctioning or it may be time to be refitted for new hearing aids. Improperly fitting hearing aids are a common cause of acoustic feedback. 

Contact a local hearing aid service to learn more about this topic.