Why Consider Facial Botox Injections?

Facial Botox can help people address cosmetic imperfections that they find undesirable. Botox is low-risk and minimally invasive. Unlike cosmetic surgery, Botox does not require anesthesia or overnight hospital stays. Your dermatologist can provide Botox injections in the comfort of their office. Here are reasons that you may want to consider Botox injections:

1. You would like to elevate your brows.

Eyebrows are expressive parts of the face, allowing people to show surprise, anger, and other emotions. However, some people's eyebrows are placed in such a way as to cause the skin above their eyelids to droop. Fortunately, you can elevate your eyebrows without surgery through the use of facial Botox. Your dermatologist can inject Botox into the skin below your brows, which will enable the muscles above your brows to naturally elevate them. 

2. You are troubled by the appearance of fine lines on your face. 

Wrinkles are a widely acknowledged part of aging. Skin naturally produces less collagen as you age, which means that it loses elasticity and begins to sag and wrinkle as a result. Some topical treatments can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, but Botox injections can give even better results. Botox can be injected into facial muscles to slightly weaken them. As a result of less dramatic muscle movement, patients typically find that their fine facial lines are erased. Even deep wrinkles can lessen following Botox treatment.

3. You feel that your facial expression looks too severe. 

A severe expression can make you look unfriendly and unwelcoming. Unfortunately, many people's expressions become more severe as they age due to expression lines. You may find that you develop permanent lines between your eyebrows from a lifetime of frowning, which can make you look perpetually displeased. Fortunately, Botox can smooth away expression lines, allowing you to prevent a friendlier and more peaceful countenance to the world.

4. You would like to lower your lip line.

Smiling is an easy way to express yourself and make yourself look more inviting. However, some people are unhappy with the way their smiles look. Most people know that their dentist can change the shape of their smiles, but they may not know that dermatologists can do so as well. Your dermatologist can inject Botox into the small muscles around your lip to lower your lip line. This can remedy a gummy smile, allowing you to show off your pearly white teeth instead of your gum tissue.