Six Goals Of Stem Cell Treatment For Patients With Chronic Knee Pain

One of the numerous treatment options available to patients who suffer from chronic knee pain is stem cell therapy. Patients should do their research and consider the potential benefits that this treatment method might offer to them.

Stem cell treatment for knee pain involves injecting stem cells into the knee joint. The following are six goals of stem cell treatment for patients with chronic knee pain.

Alleviating pain and discomfort

The number one goal of stem cell treatment is to reduce pain and discomfort that a patient feels at the knee joint. Stem cell treatments can help to strengthen and revitalize the knee joint to minimize the pain that a patient experiences. 

Repairing tissues in the knee that are damaged

Chronic pain in the knees is often caused by damage to the cartilage. Cartilage reduces friction between the bones when the bones move at the joint. To some extent, knee pain is the result of bone rubbing against bone without adequate cartilage in between for cushioning.

Stem cell treatment has been shown to help tissues to regrow or become repaired. This treatment could therefore help to restore lost cartilage to restore cushioning between the bones at the knee joint. 

Avoiding the need for knee replacement surgery

Many patients wish to avoid having to undergo surgery to treat chronic knee pain if at all possible. Knee replacement surgery is invasive and often requires a long recovery period. 

One common goal when stem cell treatment is chosen to treat chronic knee pain is to avoid knee replacement surgery or other surgical solutions to the problem.

Restoring range of movement of the knee joint

Chronic knee pain can severely reduce the range of motion that patients enjoy at the knee joint. It's fairly common for patients to experience both chronic pain and stiffness.

Successful stem cell treatment can alleviate stiffness so that a patient's range of motion at the knee joint is partially or even entirely restored. 

Improving the quality of life of patients

Patients struggling with chronic knee pain often have a lower quality of life. They may not be able to participate in athletic activities or other events that they once enjoyed because of discomfort in their knee.

For these patients, stem cell treatment may be able to offer significant quality of life improvements. 

Reducing inflammation

When a patient is suffering from chronic knee pain, much of the pain and discomfort is the result of tissues becoming inflamed within the joint.

One major goal of stem cell treatment in the knee is to control and minimize the body's natural response to become inflamed. Minimizing inflammation can reduce pain and encourage tissues in the knee joint to heal properly.

For more information on knee pain stem cell treatment, contact a medical professional in your area.