Facial Treatments To Achieve Better Skin

Incorporating treatments into your beauty routine can help you address common skin complaints, from acne to laxity. Fortunately, there are several non-invasive or minimally-invasive options to improve the look and feel of your skin.

Routine Facials

Routine facials are common treatments people use for a wide range of skin conditions and to keep their skin looking more youthful. Part of the reason facials are important is the products used are geared toward your skin type and the conditions you are trying to improve. Other aspects of facials include extractions. Typically steam or a hot towel is used on your face to help dilate the pores and make it easier to extract the contents. Clogged pores can lead to breakouts and when pores are clogged, they look even bigger. After the extractions, something cool may be applied to the skin to help the pores contract.


There are several methods used to exfoliate the skin. The appropriate option will depend on your skin concerns. For people that are not concerned with wrinkles, acne scars, or hyperpigmentation, simple procedures, such as dermaplaning, can work well. Dermaplaning involves using a scalpel to lightly scrape off dead skin and hair. Getting rid of the upper layer of dead skin cells will make facial products absorb into your skin better and it helps make your skin look smoother and more radiant. For significant skin concerns, procedures such as dermabrasion or more intense chemical peels could be an option. Dermabrasion involves the precise use of a gritty material that buffs away the upper layer of skin. This can help smooth your skin over time and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Chemical peels can produce similar results, but depending on the intensity of the peel, there can be a significant healing time.

Reduce Sagging

Fortunately, a facelift is not the only option to reduce sagging skin. The use of ultrasound as a treatment to reduce sagging is popular because it is easy to do and there is no healing time. The ultrasound is used on different areas of the face to target places where there is sagging. Ultrasound can trigger the skin to increase collagen production, making the skin firmer. Multiple treatments may be necessary to achieve the desired improvement. A thread facelift is a minimally-invasive procedure that can be done within a couple of hours in the office. The thread is attached to the target area, then the free end of the thread is passed under the skin and connected at a different location to help lift the skin in the affected area. Thread facelifts may not last as long as a surgical facelift, but they can be good for people who want a subtle, natural appearance.

Starting with routine facials is a good way to incorporate more helpful treatments into your beauty regimen. As more complex problems begin to occur, you can start including treatments to make your skin more youthful and reduce signs of aging. 

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