Those Annoying Aches And Pains Might Be From Food Allergies

You may periodically have headaches, constipation, stomach aches and diarrhea, but write them all off as having a bad day or eating something a little off for lunch. You may actually be experiencing a food allergy. Most food allergies can be successfully treated or avoided. Learn how various foods can cause you to be uncomfortable: The Biggest Offenders Just eight foods that you may encounter daily cause 90 percent of the food allergies, says the Mayo Clinic. Read More 

First Pregnancy? Calculating Your Baby’s Due Date

When you learn you are pregnant for the first time, you will likely start counting down to your due date. Your doctor will give you a certain date, but do not expect this to be exact. In many cases, your baby will come a little before or after this date.  Enjoy your pregnancy as long as you can, and let your baby decide when it wants to come out into the world. Read More