Top Reasons To Get An Annual Flu Shot

The fall and winter months have a lot of wonderful things to offer, but at the same time, it is also flu season. Influenza is a type of virus that can cause serious illness, and the prevalent strain of the flu can vary from one year to another. While there is no definitive cure for the flu, flu vaccinations are developed each year. It is highly recommended that all people make an appointment with their family physician to get a flu shot in the early fall. Read More 

The Basics Of Suboxone Tapering

With opioid addiction becoming a nationwide epidemic and overdoses reaching frightening levels, opioid dependency treatments have taken a spotlight. One of the newest and most effective options is suboxone treatment. For those who are looking to break free of opioid dependency, suboxone allows them to eliminate the withdrawal symptoms without giving them the ability to abuse it for a high as can happen with other medications. However, there are some things you need to know before using this treatment. Read More 

Possible Complications Of A Cleft Palate

A cleft palate is a hole in the roof of the mouth that occurs when the bones and tissues fail to fuse together when your baby is in your womb. It one of the most common birth defects, and while no identifiable cause can be determined in some cases, it is often the result of inherited syndromes or a genetic predisposition. Fortunately, surgery can correct the cleft palate and restore the child's appearance. Read More 

Ways To Lower The Risk Of Your Asthmatic Child Catching A Cold

When you're a parent of a child who suffers from asthma, you're already fully aware of the efforts that you make to help your child breathe as easily as possible. Ensuring that your child always has his or her inhaler and identifying what things can trigger an asthma attack can help your child to avoid challenges with his or her breathing. If you haven't yet been through cold season with your child — perhaps because he or she has only recently been diagnosed — you'll need to be careful. Read More 

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options When Oral Medications Fail To Work

If you are currently living with erectile dysfunction and oral medications have failed to successfully achieve an erection, then you do have a few other options. While youe urologist or internal medicine physician is always the best person to consult for this issue, it's a good idea to research your options before you meet with them so you can have an informed discussion.  Listed below are the erectile dysfunction treatment options for men whose oral medication fails to work: Read More