3 Conditions That Echocardiography Helps Reveal

Echocardiography is a test that utilizes sound waves to examine your heart muscle. This painless procedure allows your doctor to view your heart in motion to determine its size and shape. The chambers, valves, and surrounding pericardium are also visible. Your doctor may want you to have echocardiography, or an echo test, for many reasons. Read on to learn these three conditions that echocardiography may reveal. 1. Valvular Heart Disease Read More 

3 Important Types of Physical Therapy and How They Can Help

There are many types of physical therapy that specialize in treating all sorts of conditions throughout your body. Physical therapy can be provided in a specialized clinic, hospital, or even in your home. Read on to learn about the types of physical therapy that could benefit you or a loved one.  Orthopedic Physical Therapy Orthopedic physical therapy focuses on the musculoskeletal (e.g. bones, muscles, tendons, etc). Your physical therapist would diagnose and treat conditions like arthritis, plantar fasciitis, muscular dystrophy, joint pain, scoliosis, and knee instability. Read More 

3 Cancer Treatments And Their Pros And Cons

There are many different types of cancer treatment. They are designed to target and treat many different kinds of cancer. Your doctor will always recommend the best cancer treatment to go with, but it is always your choice regarding whether or not you want to undergo it.  Surgery Surgery is a more invasive form of cancer treatment. You will be given anesthesia while your surgeon cuts into you to try to remove your tumor. Read More 

Benefits You Gain By Undergoing Back Pain Physical Therapy

Your spine reflects and is the center of your nervous system. Nerves and fluids transfer information to your brain in the nervous system. When you experience spine problems that contribute to pain, the pain becomes a chronic condition. Chronic pain in your spine and all related areas in your body can be successfully treated with differing back pain interventions. Physical therapy plays an integral part in healing your chronic back pain, and no drugs are involved in physical therapy applications. Read More 

Learn More About An Orthopedic Surgeon

There are a lot of musculoskeletal conditions that someone can be affected by, with some examples including chronic conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, scoliosis, or injuries. When it comes to the treatment of these types of issues, a person will often be sent to see an orthopedic surgeon. If you aren't familiar with orthopedic surgeons and their scope of practice, then the information contained herein should help you become more knowledgeable about them and some of the ways they can help people. Read More