Facial Treatments To Achieve Better Skin

Incorporating treatments into your beauty routine can help you address common skin complaints, from acne to laxity. Fortunately, there are several non-invasive or minimally-invasive options to improve the look and feel of your skin. Routine Facials Routine facials are common treatments people use for a wide range of skin conditions and to keep their skin looking more youthful. Part of the reason facials are important is the products used are geared toward your skin type and the conditions you are trying to improve. Read More 

4 Advantages Of Temperature-Scanning Kiosks

As COVID-19 has become part of everyday life, many businesses have chosen to implement screening measures to reduce the spread of illness. Temperature screening is one way to keep your clients and employees healthy. The right tools, such as temperature-scanning kiosks, can help you screen visitors to your facility accurately and non-invasively. Here are four advantages of installing a temperature-scanning kiosk at your business, school, or public facility: 1. Easily screen people for COVID-19 and other transmittable diseases. Read More 

Gastric Sleeve: Facts About This Newer Bariatric Surgery

Weight loss surgeries, or bariatric surgeries, have been around for decades. However, the procedures used to perform these surgeries have changed and improved a lot over the years. One change that has happened more recently is that doctors have begun recommending a procedure known as gastric sleeve surgery over other bariatric procedures. If you or someone you love is thinking about getting bariatric surgery or gastric sleeve surgery specifically, here are some key facts you should know. Read More 

What Is Physical Therapy And Its Importance

If you've recently been injured or you're suffering from an illness that is affecting your physical health, it is a good idea to talk to your doctor about getting into physical therapy. Physical therapy has a lot of benefits to get your body back to maximum health.  What Is Physical Therapy? Physical therapy is a type of therapy that is designed to ease any pain you may be in and help your body learn how to function properly again. Read More 

Six Goals Of Stem Cell Treatment For Patients With Chronic Knee Pain

One of the numerous treatment options available to patients who suffer from chronic knee pain is stem cell therapy. Patients should do their research and consider the potential benefits that this treatment method might offer to them. Stem cell treatment for knee pain involves injecting stem cells into the knee joint. The following are six goals of stem cell treatment for patients with chronic knee pain. Alleviating pain and discomfort Read More