Medical Spas: All About

Have you heard people use the term "medical spa" but weren't really sure what they meant by this phrase? Well, this article is going to help you learn more about medical spas and what they do for their patients. Here is a closer look at these interesting and innovative healthcare facilities. Definition A medical spa is similar to a day spa in that it offers many of the same treatments you find at the typical day spa. Read More 

How To Answer Questions About Late Term Abortions

Late term abortions are often-misunderstood. A pregnancy that is potentially life-threatening or poses serious health risks for the mother/fetus may necessitate this surgical procedure (among other reasons). When a wanted pregnancy ends in a surgical abortion, friends and family may have questions. Take a look at how to handle some of these not easy to answer inquiries. Ask for Space While talking to your spouse, partner, close confidant, or a mental health provider can ease this emotional time, talking to absolutely everyone isn't necessary. Read More 

3 FAQs When It Comes To Knee Replacement Surgery

When it comes to orthopedic surgery, one of the most common types is joint replacement. This includes replacing certain joints in the body, such as the knee. If you are having trouble with one or both of your knees and you are wondering about your treatment options, you may be considering knee replacement surgery. In order to help you know more about this procedure, here are the answers to three frequently asked questions when it comes to knee replacement surgery. Read More 

How To Keep A Child With The Flu Comfortable

Kids are around other little kids all the time and have lower immune systems than adults, so they tend to get sicker more frequently. When your little one is under the weather, it can be a difficult thing to witness. While you may not be able to instantly cure your child, there are a few things you can do at home to help him or her feel more comfortable. Give Your Child Plenty of Fluids Read More 

Stop Sickness At The Door: How To Avoid Food Poisoning At Your Summer Barbecues And Picnics

With all the summer picnics and barbecues you'll be going to this summer, it's crucial that you do what you can to avoid food poisoning. Food poisoning can cause serious health-related problems, and can even land you in the hospital. Here are four important steps you should follow to reduce your risk of food poisoning this summer. Wash Vegetables Before Packing Up for the Barbecue If you're going to be providing fresh vegetables for you picnics or barbecues, it's important that you wash everything thoroughly before you pack it up for transport. Read More